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What is Playacrawl?

Playacrawl is a bar/club crawl service, we get people that are unfamiliar with Playa and show them to the best places Playa del Carmen has to offer(3 per night) . We walk from place to place (less than a minute walk to each place) taking the party from one place to another, stay around an hour and a half on each place, (you can stay at any place you might like or you can keep going with us). You don’t have to go get your drinks on the bar where there are lines and they serve you poor drinks, you will have a personal waiter making your drinks with as much or as little alcohol you like. 

Why not do a pub crawl myself-how much am I saving?

Besides paying way more on the drinks and cover charges on any place you go ,we will treat you like our old friend form High School, showing you a good time in our town, we know exactly what place its happening, what day and at what time,  we get reserved tables and we get VIP entrance (so no lines to wait) ,not to mention the new friends you will be making through the night . (You just got yourself into our first venue $10 USD cover charge, order a beer 5 USD and a shot $7 USD +tips=25 USD, you make the math for the rest of the night).

Where do we meet and do I need a reservation?
We meet at 10:15PM at the heart of the nightlife action in Playa.(Specific meeting point will be sent at booking) We advice you book in advance if you want to save a spot since we keep our groups compact.

What does my ticket get me?
Includes your entrance to every bar or club we hit (3 per night) and ALL YOU CAN DRINK at any of the places we visit. (National liquor, any cocktail, beer. *Premium drinks are not included), VIP entrance (no lines), reserved tables, unlimited bottle service (open bar liquor) in at least 2 clubs of the night (depending on the night you decide to go out) and a party guide with you at all times making sure you are getting all this services.

What makes Playacrawl unique?
You will not find anywhere in the world another pub crawl with open bar for 5 hrs and unlimited bottle service in your table. You do not even need to go to the bar for drinks you will have personal waiters to attend you and make your drink with as much or little alcohol as you like.

Do you have to get on a bus to move from bar to bar?
We don’t need to use a bus to move you from club to club or walk for long distances since most of the clubs are near each other.

How big are your groups and who usually goes to your crawls?
We are like  friends taking out friends , we keep or groups compact so people are able to enjoy more of themselves and the people around them without having to worry about the masses and being hoarded like cows while you get to do lines, and long waits etc. Our clients are from all over the world and from all ages ranges so don’t feel shy.

What Kind of establishments do we go to?
We only take you to the best clubs in town, painfully we have done the research for you so we know exactly where to go, when to go.

Does the Playacrawl go to Coco Bongo?
Yes we do, on selected days per week only, or special occasions, please email to find out schedule.

Is it safe to pay online via PayPal or credit card? What is your cancelation policy?
It is completely safe to pay online, we do all of our payment transactions on the American side via verified PayPal and secure connections. We have prior 24 hr 100% refund policy after that no refund.

Do you provide Round trip transportation from and to our resort?

Yes we do provide for an extra cost of 10 USD per person. here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.​


We can provide roundtrip transportation for an extra charge, but directly depends on how many people in your party and where are you staying.


We meet at a bar downtown Playa del Carmen at 10:15PM and open bar ends at 3:00AM but you can stay as long as you want after that.



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