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The best nightlife option in Miami Beach


What is Miamicrawl?


Brought to you by Rockstarcrawls Miamicrawl its a bar/club crawl on steroids, unlike any other bar/pub crawl in Miami, its a VIP open bar all night long  crawl. Usually a bar crawl will get you maybe a drink or two the whole night you are with them and herd you from empty bar to empty bar, well you can forget about that because we have taken it to a whole other level! We get sophisticated groups of people that are unfamiliar with Miami Beach's nightlife and show them to the very best bars/clubs (3 per night) . We walk from place to place (all places are near each other) with open bar everywhere we go to, VIP entrances, reserved tables, cover charges included and a private party guide with you at all times making sure you get all these services that for sure will make you feel like a Rockstar. (We keep our groups small to give personalized service so make sure you book well in advance)



What is the difference between the Miamicrawl and other crawls in town?

If you have been researching it doesn't take much to figure out there is a huge difference on what you get for what you pay. We are the only ones in town who offer open bar all night long on all 3 clubs we go to, this is unheard in town, we are revolutionizing how bar crawls are suppose to be done in Miami Beach, others offer you for the same price 2 drinks or "drink special" which is just a big lie. Not only this but we only take you to the best venues in town like The Clevelander ranked #1 nightlife attraction in Miami Beach, Mansion Nightclub one of the best clubs in the world for years among others, not only we take you to them and not pay cover charge or make any lines but we take you at the times when they have people, others will arrive early when there is no people around so they van get in. If you need anymore reasons our party guides are world travelers who have done this all over the world and they will party with you and make sure you have a great time.



Why not do the bar crawl myself, how much am I saving?

Besides paying way more on the drinks and cover charges on any place you go on your own with us you will have a hassle free night, everything will be set up and waiting for you, our party guides will treat you like old friends showing you a good time in our town, we know exactly what place its happening what night and at what time, not to mention the new friends you will be making through the night. An average drink in Miami Beach is around 13-17 USD +Tip average cover charge 30 USD, you make the math, if you plan to have more than 2 or 3 drinks on the night its a no brainer.



What does my ticket get me exactly?
Your ticket gets you Open bar all night long from meeting time until 2:00AM at all venues we go (please look at itinerary to see the specifics on each venue), Cover charges at all venues, VIP entrance (no lines), reserved areas  and a party guide with you at all times making sure you are getting all this services.



What does Open Bar mean, what drinks are included?

Open bar means you don't have to pay for any of your drinks all night long! Wow right? Some venues we go to include you call it liquor drinks and tap beer, others well alcohol (rum, tequila, Vodka) and tap beer please check our itinerary to see what is offered in each club.



How big are your groups and who usually goes to your crawls?

We are like friends taking out friends, unlike other crawls that herd crowds of people one empty place to another, we keep or groups compact so people are able to enjoy more of themselves and the people around them without having to worry about the masses, lines to get drinks, no seats or tables and long waits. Our clients are from all over the world and from all age ranges so don’t be shy.



How old must I be?

The legal drinking age in Florida is 21 years old.



Where do we meet and do I need a reservation?

We meet either at 9:00PM or 9:30PM (depending on the night) at the heart of the nightlife action in South Beach (Specific meeting point will be sent at booking) We advice you book in advance if you want to save a spot since we keep our groups compact.


Can I meet the group later than meeting point time?

Yes you have an hour to meet us on our first bar of the night, but we do recommend you arrive on time so you can take care of the open bar in our first bar. After that we leave and it will be very hard to find our group.


How long do we stay on each venue?

We stay different times on different places on different nights no less than an hour and no more than 2 hours. Please look at our  itinerary to look at exact times.


Are tips included?

Tips are not included, tipping is expected and customary in Miami Beach, you are getting a great deal so please tip your waiters and bartenders.


Can I book my ticket at my resort/hotel or offices in town?

No, we don't work with any hotels or agencies since they charge high commissions that would result in a higher price for you, we book only on the internet directly with you our client. 


Do you have to get on a bus to move from bar to bar?
We don’t need to use a bus everything is walking distance, longest walk we do is a 5-7 minute walk 


What kind of establishments do we go to?
We only take you to the best bars/clubs in town; painfully we have done the research for you so we know exactly where to go, when to go, please check our itinerary to see where we are going every night. Although unlikely venues may change without previous notice.

Is there a dress code?

Rockstarcrawls prides itself on working with only the best Miami Beach nightclubs, so the dress code standards are strict. All Participants must be dressed appropriately: Classy and chic. No athletic wear, no oversized clothing, no white t-shirts, no tank tops (guys), no shorts (guys), no flip flops or open toed flat sandals (guys and girls). In general there are no hats allowed, but they are condoned at the Doorman's discretion.  ROCKSTARCRAWLS MIAMI is not responsible for guests being turned away at the door for failure to adhere to the dress code standards. The rule of thumb in South Beach is Dress to Impress!


Should I take my car?

Definitely no, you will be drinking and we want you to get back home safe so please take a taxi, there are taxis just steps away from all places we go to.



We can provide roundtrip transportation for an extra charge, but directly depends on how many people in your party and where are you staying.


Meeting location and time will be sent once booking is done. We usually meet at 9-9:30PM and open bar ends at 2:00AM or 3:00 AM depending on the night, you can stay as long as you want after that.



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