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OOOPS WE DID IT AGAIN! You wont find a deal like this anywhere in town! 

Experience the best personalized nightlife in New York City with this escorted tour that includes 3 of the funnest bar/lounges/clubs each night has to offer. Enjoy a hassle free night where all you have to worry about is enjoying your friends and having fun! This is even a great deal for locals.


  •   3 Bars/Clubs in one night (Start at 9:00PM, stay around 1.5 hrs in each of the first 2 venues, and  stay as long as you want to on the night club of the night)

  •   Open bar (all you can drink) on well drinks, wine and beer on the first venue (unheard in NYC). (70 USD value)

  •   Free entrance, express line   included on 2nd venue (20 USD value)

  •   Limo transportation to last nightclub of the night. (50 USD value)

  •   Free night club entrance. (30 USD value)

  •   Express entrance at all venues. (Priceless)

  •   Party with same minded people from all over the world (Priceless)

  •   Party host with you at all times making sure you are getting the services advertised and having fun. (Priceless)

  •   No hidden fees

  •   Easy individual booking process so not only one person is in charge of all.

  •   Private crawls if desired​ for an extra cost



                                    Other companies are charging over 150  USD for less services and less fun, take advantage
  $69.99 USD

                                              Please book in advance as we have limited availavility everynight

  We meet at different point of the city at 9:00PM depending on the night you exact meeting point will be sent once you book 

(West Village, East Village, Meat Packing or Midtown)



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